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Caroline Dow Books & Products LLC is owned and managed by me, Caroline Dow, also known as Morwyn and Carolina Dow. I am the author of several books on Wicca and Magick as well as a fiction series and books on spiritual home decorating, food, and drink, including tea. Through my business I make available all my books as well as the incenses, oils, and massage oils described in my books and my line of teas and beeswax candles.

I prepare each recipe  personally with love according to the proper moon phases. I also am the only officially designated manufacturer and distributor of the renowned Lady Sara incense and oils.  I hope you will be delighted.

 To Place An Order

You can place a telephone order from this catalog to 303-443-9625 and send me a check or money order to C L. Dow,  3820 26th St., Boulder, CO 80304. An order form appears at the end of this product page. My new email for questions is Thank you!

As a fragrance specialist,¬†I realize that it is often difficult to choose scents through the mail. For¬†my customers who can’t visit¬†my mini store and factory¬†I offer a sampler plan. You may order up to 6 samples of incenses or bath salts from any of¬†my lines. The salts will give you the best idea of the perfume’s fragrance. Your salts sample will come as plain, uncolored salts, as the salts are used as a carrier for the oil fragrance. Samples are priced at 50 cents each. ¬†If you order samples and nothing else, please include $2 for postage and handling. There is a limit of 6 samples per customer per order. HAPPY SCENTING!

As all is in accordance with the Divine Plan, we can make no claims for our products and sell them as curios only. Prices are subject to change without notice.  If, for any reason, you find an item unsatisfactory, return within 30 days and receive credit for the merchandise price.


If you are ordering books only, please include $4.95 postage and handling no matter how many you order. Thank you.

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Cultivate peace & self-care with the power of sacred space. Now, more than ever, people are looking to bring a sense of harmony and balance into their environment so that no matter where they are, they can connect with spirit. In this book I share techniques for transforming any space into a haven designed to help achieve serenity and joy.

By engaging your five senses and working with the power of intention, you can create a sacred space anywhere, no matter what your spiritual background is.  My aim is to show you how to carve out your own personal refuge at work, in your car, or even in a hotel room. I also share tips for designing your own altar, getting rid of clutter in a way that is appealing and life-affirming, and establishing spaces to share with family and friends.

Whether you want to facilitate a meditation practice or express your personal interests and cultural background, this guide with easy-to-implement ideas shows how to take small steps that get big results. With examples from cultures around the world and practical ideas for incorporating colors, fragrances, botanicals, gemstones, textiles, and even special numbers, A Sanctuary of Your Own will help you fashion a perfect space where you can feel safe, relax, and rejuvenate. This book is available from Llewellyn Worldwide, Amazon, or if ordered on my products page, signed by me. $17.99




Written under my pseudonym Morwyn

Includes 50 color illustrations. 118 recipes to stimulate everything from love to prosperity, communications, spirituality, and more. Includes myths, legends, nutritional information, more. This compilation is the result of many years working with fruit, vegetables, and herbs. $29.95. I know the price is steeper than for most books, but this is a coffee table-style book and makes a fabulous gift.

Create over 100 liquid refreshment recipes to enhance good health and uplift your body, mind, and spirit. By tapping into both my Latin American and European cultural background, I hope this book will inspire you with charming and easy-to-make beverages. Based on the concept that mindful consumption can help a person attain self-fulfillment and self-realization, emphasis is placed on the enjoyment of smoothies, teas, coffees, cocoas, soups, and sauces.

Additionally included are nutritional facts and traditional folklore associated with drink ingredients, as well as details¬†of culinary, medicinal, and folkloric attributes of common fruits and vegetables used. Although theories behind the¬†psychological effects of potions based on folklore, color symbolism, and the four elements of Nature‚ÄĒair, fire,¬†water, and earth‚ÄĒare put forth, the reader does not need to subscribe to these theories to take pleasure in producing¬†these wonderfully spirit-lifting recipes. Open your heart to the potion that will nourish your soul!

This book is available through Schiffer Publishing (Schiffer Books), Amazon, and if you order from me here, I will sign a personal copy for you. $18.50



Perfect for this time of year or really, any time. The Healing Power of Tea¬†is filled with “tea-riffic” knowledge and is a comprehensive guide to the healing world of teas and tisanes to help you live a healthier and happier life. And who doesn’t want that?

From black to green to oolong to white, you’ll discover detailed chapters on different tea types, their advantages, and an extensive list of ailments and what blends will alleviate them. Whether you’re an expert tea drinker or a new convert, or just thinking about trying tea, I hope you will discover the many delicious benefits of tea and herbal infusions in these pages.¬†

Read about tea’s fascinating history, recipes, and take advantage of the easy-to-use reference guide. Learn about blending, preparation, and consumption, and how to grow your own herbal tea garden. With both healing and preventative uses, tea is an ideal choice for healthy living.¬†This book is available from Llewellyn Worldwide, Amazon, or if ordered on my products page, signed by me.






Award Winner

Is it possible to get yourself on the path to better health and make it a fun experience, expand your social network, and at the same time discover nuggets of wisdom about your character and clues to your future? Tealeaf Reading for Beginners:  Your Fortune in a Teacup shows you how to unlock the secrets of one of the most satisfying leisure activities you will ever enjoy, and more. Learn tantalizing recipes for hosting tea parties, facts about tea as a health drink, herbal teas, tea as a culinary ingredient, as well as famous tearooms around the world to visit and the fascinating customs, superstitions and tea legends. Guaranteed to fascinate and engage friends and family in a gentle, time-honored pastime that is regaining popularity along with the current tea craze. THIS BOOK WAS AWARDED BEST GENERAL NONFICTION BOOK FOR THE STATE OF COLORADO FROM COLORADO AUTHORS LEAGUE. $9.95.  Signed by Author



Since the advent of Christianity, Witches have been forced to practice their religion in secret. Now High Priestess Morwyn reveals the wonders and beauty of this ancient mystery tradition to all sincere seekers. Morwyn has written a series of books that comprise a comprehensive collection of teachings that is a complete course of initiation into the first degree of Wicca and beyond. In the first volume of the series, she makes available the accumulation of two decades of her study, work, & practice in North & South America & Britain. All facets of Wicca & Magick are covered, including gods & goddesses, circle-casting, herbs, crystals, precious stones, talismans, candle magick, tree magick, symbols, incense-making, full moon & Sabbat rites, and much more. The fascinating history of Witchcraft is also presented. If you’ve ever wondered what Wiccans do & how they do it, here are the answers. $16.95. SIGNED BY AUTHOR.


Web of Light: Rites for Witches in the New Age

This book describes in vivid detail the secret rituals performed in a Witch’s coven. Rituals of psychic development, spells, enchantments & celebrations are explored. Learn to create the magick circle & perform Wicca rituals designed to enhance your life & achieve your heart’s desire. Includes a magickal tree appendix. $19695. SIGNED


Green Magic: Healing Power of Herbs, Talismans, & Stones

In this third book in High Priestess Morwyn’s series on Magick, she shares with her readers the wealth of her accumulated knowledge about medicinal & magickal uses of herbs, talismans, and precious stones. Both beginners & seasoned initiates will benefit from this compendium of facts & lore about over 100 botanicals, & stones. Morwyn (penname for Caroline da Silva) offers a special perspective on the interrelationship between herbs, teas, stones & talismans, and shows how to incorporate them into rituals & spells. You also learn the basics of tealeaf reading. Morwyn is a certified herbalist, tea taster, and tealeaf reader, who has appeared in many newspaper articles and who has been featured on Consumer Advantage Network TV. $14.95. SIGNED BY AUTHOR.


Witch’s Brew: Secrets of Scents

In this fascinating volume, High Priestess Morwyn (penname for Caroline da Silva) details the history, lore, & uses of perfumes, incenses, magickal sachets, potpourris, baths, and other fragrance formulas and applies them to ritual magick, healing, & perfumery. Included are recipes, spells, & rituals to take advantage of the power of scent to create magick in your daily life. Learn to make a special kind of persuasive sachet called a “letterscent.” Beginning practitioners will discover fascinating, useful information & directions that are easy to follow. Experienced aromatherapists will enjoy this volume as a valuable addition to their library, as it includes a veritable encyclopedia of data on scores of perfumes & other fragrance materials. $14.95. SIGNED BY AUTHOR.


The Complete Book of Psychic Arts     


This latest book in the Morwyn series reveals secrets the venerable art of divination through the ages to contemporary times. Not only is the fascinating history presented, but Morwyn (Caroline da Silva‚Äôs penname) also relies on answers to her Psychics’ Survey given by psychics and channelers around the world. Learn what the likes of Darryl Anka, Cindy Dale, Sylvia Browne, Elwood Babbitt, Patricia Mischell, and others have to say about their craft. In each chapter, Morwyn also offers practical ways for you to enhance your own psychic abilities. This hefty volume includes several appendices, including a manual on palmistry, which makes it a valuable research tool for your occult library. The 1st printing of this book sold out in 2 weeks. It also received an award for General Interest at the International New Age Trade Show. $14.95 . SIGNED.


Magic from Brazil: Recipes, Spells & Rituals

Welcome to the world of Brazilian Magic! If you are intrigued by channeling, color magick, the magick of sound (especially drumming), nature religions, naturopathic healing, and even psychotherapy, MAGIC FROM BRAZIL will enhance your understanding and appreciation of these areas. I know, because the Brazilian traditions have worked magick in my own life.

Learn practices you can incorporate into your own ritual workings and life. Call on the powers of the deities of the Brazilian pantheon. Practice Brazilian spellwork and rituals, trance and mediumship. Experience the energies of tropical botanicals used in magick and healing. Sample Brazilian cuisine ‚Äď the foods of the gods. Morwyn (penname for Caroline da Silva) holds a Ph.D. in Brazilian Studies and was a Fulbright fellow to Brazil. This book is a new, expanded edition of SARAV√Ā. Originally $14.95, author‚Äôs discount $5. SIGNED BY AUTHOR.



GNOME WITH CRYSTAL BALL BOOKMARK. A Hologram. $2.50 Free with purchase of 2 books or more.

The World of Fragrances This is the Fragrance Section

¬†¬†People have always associated pleasant odors with holy things. The ancients believed that by using perfumes and incense, the faithful could better show their gods reverence and heighten their own holy experience. Perfume oils became important parts of ceremonies of baptism, death, and the crowning of kings. They were ingested for medical reasons, and sprinkled in the bath water to enhance beauty. For pure pleasure, fragrant oils were added to potpourris and sachets. ¬†Fragrances are still used today in many of the same ways. They have become an indispensable item of a woman’s toilette. Men, too, are not immune to the pleasures of scent, and enjoy the aromas of aftershave and other body products.

  Many believe that when rubbed on candles and burned, certain essences help carry petitions to the All-One. In other words, they concur that the qualities of fragrances combine with those of other items used in rituals to recreate a form of energy that reverberates into the Cosmos. Therefore, they anoint talismans, sigils, candles, pomanders, sachets, sacred stones, ritual apparatus, and their own bodies to invoke spirits, induce visions, stimulate the mind, cause dreams, protect from psychic attack, & bring love, luck, money, peace, & good health.

Wearing Fragrances to Their Best Advantage

  How a fragrance reacts with your skin depends on many factors, like climate, time of year, diet, and skin type. Stronger scents react better in dry climates, and milder odors in humid ones. Heavier perfumes seem more agreeable in the winter, & lighter in the summer; oily skin absorbs more fragrance, & drier skin types demand a more liberal application.

  Personal preference also plays a large role in choosing fragrances. Some people like to stay with one signature scent exclusively, while others change fragrance according to their clothes, moods, seasons, & the effect they wish to create.

 When you select a fragrance, first sniff it out of the bottle, then apply to your wrists. Wait for it to dry, & sniff it again, then once more after several hours. In this way, you are able to separate the top, middle, & base notes from each other, & test how they combine with your body chemistry.

  Whatever scents you choose, you will get ore mileage out of them if you layer them on your body; that is, use the same fragrances in the bath, as a powder, perfume, massage oil, etc.


Awake, O north wind,

and come, thou south!

Blow upon my garden

that the spices thereof may flow out

——— Song of Solomon

¬†¬†The word “perfume‚ÄĚ actually originates in a Latin phrase meaning “through smoke,” since the ancients discovered the joys of aromatics by burning pleasantly scented woods. Like perfumes, incense is a fundamental magickal tool for ritual. Some incenses are active — they command, bring about changes, drive away evil, protect. Others are considered passive, and are burned to create an atmosphere conducive to meditation, clairvoyance, & contemplation. Still other incenses are hallucinogenic & produce psychic visions. According to the theory of aromatherapy, some incenses help heal the body from physical & psychic distress.


  Those unfamiliar with incense often ask why Caroline makes the loose incense rather than the kind commonly sold that forms into sticks or cones. In order for stick incense to burn, it has to be mixed with saltpeter, which falls under the rulership of Mars. Every time you light a stick of incense, you bring the authority of Mars to bear on the environment. And perhaps this influence may not always suit your purposes. Also the smell of saltpeter does not always combine well with other ingredients.

  Loose incense does not need saltpeter to burn because it uses quick-lighting coals, which already contain saltpeter. Once a coal is lighted, the saltpeter immediately burns away. The coal remains hot for a half hour or so, & you can sprinkle loose incense on the coal with a small spoon or your fingers. In this way, you are able to take advantage of diverse, superior quality ingredients.

Although our incenses burn without quick-lighting coals, they burn more efficiently with them. Place a quick-lighting coal or half a coal (to conserve coals) in an incense burner. If the burner is of clay, fill it with sand or small pebbles, to disperse the heat. Light the coal and let it burn all the way through for 30 seconds to burn off the saltpeter. Now spoon incense on the coal, a little at a time. We use only the finest, most concentrated botanicals & oils, so a little goes a long way! The coal will remain hot for about 30 minutes. Do not leave your incense burner unattended, & keep it away from small children and pets.


 COALS: 30 mm. foil-wrapped package of 10 for $2.00 per pack



 Caroline Dow blends some of the highest quality perfumes & incenses available today. The following pages describe our various fragrance lines. All scents from all the lines are available as perfumes, bath salts, and incenses. The descriptions of our aromatics are designed to characterize blends & fire the imagination. As all is in accordance with the Divine Will, we make no claims for our products.

 Perfumes: $4.95 per dram vial in amber, cobalt blue, or clear glass vials.

Incense: $4.95 per oz. If you prefer, you may purchase a smaller amount of incense in a corked shell vial for $3.00.

Massage Oils: $5.95/4 oz. bottle. Made in a base of sweet almond, grapeseed, or apricot oil with vitamin E & evening oil of primrose to help nurture your skin.


Ancient Ways – Includes rose petals, lavender, resins, & powders traditionally used as an offertory in petitions to the deities & in rituals of thanksgiving.

 Angel Fire For those who have heeded the sacred call & wish to devote their lives to the path of magickal self-development; it draws the fiery spiritual power of the All-One.

 AnointingIdeal for anointing ritual tools, altar candles, talismans, & other sacred objects; combines scents believed by the ancients to please their gods.

¬†Aphrodite’s SpellPerfect for love & allurement spells; wear when you go to find or meet a potential lover — and be amazed!

 AstarteWith jasmine, the king of fragrances, as the signature scent of this mixture, Astarte will help make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

 Astral FlightTo aid those who wish to experience out-of-body phenomena.

¬†Athena ‚Äď Inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom, this clean, fresh scent will sharpen your intellectual and evaluative powers, and brighten your day.

 AvalonNamed for the mysterious apple-isle of King Arthur fame, and reputed to be the present-day town of Glastonbury, England.

 BayberryFor Winter Solstice rituals, and for spells to draw prosperity, quick money & luck.

 CernunnosEarthy & virile, this perfume entrances with the power of the Great Horned God of the Pagans.

 Circle of BlessednessCelebrates the strength and beauty of the magickal inner circle.

 Come to Mean exciting scent that promises love and passion; irresistible to a potential lover.

 Compelling If it is in accordance with the Divine Will, this scent will persuade others to follow your wishes and understand your point of view; perfect for angelical invocations.

 ConsecrationSanctifies & purifies the sacred site, ritual weapons, candles, & robes.

 ConcentrationFor occasions when focalization of thought, emotion, & will power are needed, as in special spellwork, meditation, & psychic action.

 DamballahCelebrates the power & beauty of the Supreme Lord of Voodun.

 Diana The HuntressEvokes the devastating charm & strength of the Huntress Diana, lunar forest goddess.

¬†Dragon’s BaneA potent blend that includes dragon’s blood resin; used when bent on conquering a desperate situation & to protect from evil & psychic attack.

 Druidic SpellbinderDrives & binds spells; formulated from traditional Celtic ingredients.

 Enchanted ForestA piney, musky blend that invokes the spirits, fairies, sprites, & unseen forces of the wood primeval.

 Enterprise-House BlessingGet your business or new home off to the right start with this blend that promotes peace, happiness, prosperity, & protection.

 ErzulieInvokes the overwhelming magnetism of the captivating Voodoo goddess of love in her role as Mother; she is the protectress of women, children, & the home.

¬†Faerie Dream ‚Äď For communion with fairies, elementals, and spirits.

 Fire-of-LoveA passionate blend that sets the night ablaze and hearts on fire.

 GatewayFor those who have devoted their lives to the path of magickal self-development, it draws the ineffable spiritual power of the All-One, & increases astral perception.

 Green GoddessA tribute to the shimmering lady of field, forest, wood, and meadow; invokes her all-encompassing love & compassion.

 Gypsies Gold -A formula alleged to attract prosperity, money, & good luck.

 HathorThe cow-headed sky goddess of love & beauty in the Egyptian pantheon is honored with this uniquely feminine blend.

¬†Heart’s DesireTo help you achieve your fondest, most secret wish.

 Herne the HunterConjures the unbridled sexual energy of this revered, fertility forest god.

 Hex-BreakerChases away the unpleasant effects of Negative Magick, & helps surround the individual, home, vehicle, & workplace with peace & protection.

 High AltarEssential for rites of Ceremonial Magick; a potent, commanding blend.

 High John the ConquerorContains distillation of Conqueror root; ideal for rituals to overcome stubborn situations; lends strength, courage & conviction to your ritual.

 InvocationEstablishes a link with the powers of the Lord & Lady, elementals, fairies, angels, & spirits.

 IsisInvokes the magick, power, & all-encompassing love of the reigning goddess of the Egyptian pantheon. This blend takes more time, effort, & premium ingredients, as befits this beloved queen/ Therefore, the incense is priced at $3.95/oz. and the perfume at $4.95/dram.

 KhyphiBased on an Egyptian formula, Khyphi was offered to the sun god at sunset. Ingredients include honey, wine & raisins, as well as 13 other items. Because of the exotic ingredients, this incense is $3.95/oz. & the perfume is $4.95/dram.

 Lady of the NightAn offering to the mysterious Egyptian Queen of the Midnight Hour.

 LirEvocative of the brooding Celtic sea god; worn by those who wish to communicate an air of ineffability & magick.

 Love and RomanceDevised to envelop the wearer in alluring love vibrations, both carnal & spiritual, deep & abiding.

 MaatVibrates on the plane ruled by the imposing Egyptian goddess of law, judgment, & justice; for legal aid spells, or to wear into Court to help persuade others to see your point of view.

 Magick CircleAppropriate for all Wicca circle workings; an intuitive blend that energizes coveners to combine wills to achieve a single aim.

 Magick MountainInspired by the grandeur & majesty of the Rocky Mountains, this blend is perfect for evoking Gnomes & other earth spirits.

 MeditationA mellow mixture that facilitates the contemplative state & helps the mind focus on Spirit.

¬†Merlin’s MagickAn eloquent Druidic fragrance that sets the scene for any spellwork, particularly rites involving communication, scrying, education & performance.

 Middle PillarBlends the perfumes associated with the Middle Pillar in Qabalistic Magick to balance the personality & help the Magician achieve equilibrium.

 Midnight VisionTo strengthen clairvoyance & clairaudience; alleged to attract ghosts & other extraterrestrial phenomena.

 Moon MistressDedicated to the Lady of the Moon; sweetly subtle, yet authoritative; excellent for Esbat rites.

 MorrighanInspired by the Celtic Great Queen of old; summons the majesty & enchantment of the sea.

 MorwynConjures the Welsh goddess of Springtime, who is linked to Aphrodite in the Greek tradition; this scent is light & sunny, yet ardently sensual; efficacious for fertility of mind & body.

 Mystic VeilAn enigmatic, dark brew that sets the tone for secret, magickal rites; also appropriate for Second Degree initiation ceremonies.

 Occult ContactInvokes the Xu, the Elementals of ancient Egypt; specifically for ceremonies of self-blessing & the opening of the third eye & CONJURING.

 PentagramA quintessential Wicca blend created for those who wish to glorify the Lord & Lady & show their adherence to Craft principles; particularly effective for protection.

 PersephonePersephone is the goddess snatched away from the earth and taken to the Underworld where she lives for the winter months, only to return in all her glory at springtime; this aromatic blend commemorates the passing of the seasons & the Great Wheel of Life; ideal for Imbolg or Samhain.

¬†Psychic VisionPerforms exactly what its name implies — helps induce clairvoyance. Perfect for all psychic work, and also for ghost hunting.

 RavenwoodThe mysterious aroma brings to mind the vast, silent woods inhabited by the Druids; invokes the magickal wisdom of the ancient forest.

¬†RhiannonA poignant, compelling scent, dedicated to the Welsh goddess; perfect for today’s woman.

 Sabbat PowerIndispensable for healing Magick and for rites dedicated to Apollo and Helios; this blend fumigates, drives away negativity, & attracts pure, golden solar power.

¬†Sacred Call ‚Äď For those who have heard and are following the Path of the Magickal Wicca Way.

 Sixth SenseSpecific to psychic self-development, clairvoyance, and spirit communication.

 Star FireIdeal for the Solstices, Beltane, & Lammas rites; the aroma incorporates the power & energy of the sun god; it is a fragrance for Pagans of the 21st century.

 TaliesinThe famous bard of Welsh legend lends his name to this enigmatic aroma; wear it to unveil your creative potential.

 TempleA subtle mixture for purification & consecration of the sacred site; also appropriate for meditation & contemplation; attracts peaceful vibrations.

¬†Trer Dryw The name means ‚Äúdwelling place of the Arch Druid,” and is Morwyn’s coven name; a blend of cedar & woods, sacred to the Druids; the perfume is also called “oil of the unicorn.”

 Tree ElfSalutes the spirits called Dryads who inhabit the trees of the wild wood; this is the signature scent of Caroline.

 *Vesta Fire РThis is an old favorite scent that we have resuscitated by popular demand. It is sacred to the goddess of the hearth fire and to all those who keep the home fires burning.

 Wings of Healing РA sweetly gentle, yet lasting fragrance, which works on a vibration level to help heal the human organism; apply it liberally in the sickroom.

 Witches Circle Appropriate for times when Witches gather to perform potent rites of magick and spellcasting.


ELEMENTAL BLENDS –¬†Use when you wish to call on the powers of the elemental spirits or to draw specific planetary influences.

 APAS (water)   PRITHIVI (earth)    TEJAS ( fire)    VAYU ( air)   SALAMANDER ( fire)    DRYAD (tree spirit)

 GNOME (earth treasures)                 SYLPH (air )         UNDINE (water)


 Sun РSelf, vitality, power, leadership, creativity, masculinity, vigor, honor, the Will, authority.

Moon – Fluctuation, change, psychic, receptivity, femininity, travel protection, moon magick.

Mars – Energy, initiative, action, courage, passion, construction/destruction, assertion.

Mercury – Communication, thought, intellect, skill, perception, expression, male fertility.

Jupiter – Expansion, vision, devotion, protection, justice, prosperity, the law.

Venus – Harmony, attraction, love, pleasure, affection, art.

Saturn – Contraction, limitation, discipline, real estate, old age, crystallization, responsibility.

Uranus,- Use to achieve unusual effects, sudden results.

Neptune, – Unlocks the secrets of psychic vision and astral communication.

Pluto – Use for drastic change, dealings with mass media, destruction and reconstruction.



Winter Solstice (Yule, Alban Arthan),   Imbolg (Candlemas), Spring Equinox (Ostara, Alban Eilir),  Beltane (May Day)

 Summer Solstice (Litha, Alban Hefir),  Lughnassadh (Lammas), Fall Equinox (Mabon, Alban Elfed),   Samhain (Hallowmas)

 Dark of the Moon       New Moon         Waxing Moon       Full Moon        Waning Moon


 These 12 blends are designed to enhance the qualities of your Sun Sign. Each formula includes a touch of fragrance from your opposite sign to bring balance into your life. Choose from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


These incenses, perfumes, and massages oils celebrate our North American Native American Heritage. The blends are created solely from ingredients that would have been available to Native Americans.

¬†CHEROKEE‚Äď A paean to that brave tribe, so filled with strength and dignity. Helps instill the wearer with these qualities.

¬†FOUR DIRECTIONS ‚Äď Invokes the powers of the elements to protect and sanctify rituals.

¬†INDIAN LOVE SONG ‚Äď Evokes the long summer days spent camping in the sweet forest, canoeing along the lazily flowing rivers, making love. Dominant scents are wild rose and wisteria.

¬†MEDICINE WHEEL ‚Äď Composed solely of sacred healing herbs. This powerful blend is charged to banish illness and weakness.

¬†SHAMAN VISION ‚Äď A woodsy blend that calls on the potencies shared by Shamans and their spirit guides.


Caroline’s line of Macumba/Umbanda/Candomblé fragrances are based on Brazilian recipes that she researched while studying in Brazil on a Fulbright Dissertational Research Grant. They are some of the same fragrances that she mentions in her books Choose from perfume, incense, or massage oil.

CABOCLO ‚Äď Call on the spirits of these Native American warriors to aid you in any situation, especially when you need quick, decisive action.

EXU ‚Äď Invoke when a situation has stagnated and needs impetus to move. This energy is not recommended for the neophyte.

IANS√É ‚Äď The Thunder Mother and Goddess of the Storm and Fire Sword rules fire, vengeance, passionate love, and the creative spark.

IB√äJI ‚Äď These Twins preside over happiness, contentment, beauty, enchantments, and childhood. They wield the power to undo binding spells with the force of their laughter.

IEMANJ√Ā ‚Äď The mermaid Mother goddess, mother of the orix√°s, rules procreation, gestation, family, hearth fire, neighbors, community, and the sense of belonging.

NAN√É ‚Äď Call on this grandmother of the orix√°s and embodiment of cosmic energy to find the truth, understand death, travel to the Astral World, and seek redress from a grave injury.

OGUM ‚Äď The orix√° of war and field marshal in the great battle of life helps win battles, keeps the family safe, and protects soldiers, blue collar workers, dentists, and long-distance travelers.

OMULU ‚Äď Also known as Obaluai√™, Omulu controls the mysteries of death and rebirth, and cures disease. He is called The Doctor of the Poor.

OSS√ÉE ‚Äď This guardian of the mysteries of botanicals is the patron of herbalists and natural healers.

OXAL√Ā ‚Äď Analogous to Christ, Buddha, and Tiphareth in the Qabala, Oxal√° represents true harmony and equilibrium, the ultimate synthesis of humankind with the forces of nature.

OX√ďSSI ‚ÄďInvoke this forest deity and patron of the arts to promote creativity, planting, and fecundity.

OXUM ‚Äď This goddess of beauty stands for the true loyalty of marriage, oversees the development of the fetus in the womb, and helps avenge those who have unjustly become the targets of envy and gossip.

OXUMAR√ä ‚Äď Invoke this spirit of the rainbow to confer good luck in gambling and trading stocks and bonds, and the enjoyment of life.

POMBA GIRA ‚Äď The female counterpart of Exu acts on all requests involving love, sex, and passion.

PRETO VELHO ‚Äď Invoke the wise and humble spirits of the Old Brazilian slaves in matters of physical and mental health.

XANG√Ē ‚Äď This god represents the force of the stone and stands for cosmic justice. Invoke him for legal aid and to increase willpower. Xang√ī sparks writers, politicians, leaders, reformers, judges, administrators, and investigators.

40 GRAMS INCENSE POWDER ‚Äď burns without coals. $3.95 Choose from Lavender or Sandalwood.



¬†Made from sweet almond, grapeseed, apricot, and vitamin E oils. Pamper your body and a loved one’s today with these superb massage oils. Choose from any fragrance in the catalog for $5.95.

Lady Sara’s Formulas

Lady Sara Cunningham-Carter CloudWalker was a renowned Third Degree High Priestess of Irish/Cherokee descent, who passed away in December 2018‚ÄĒthe end of an era.. She trained countless Seekers, both personally, and through her correspondence courses. She was also a student of Israel Regardie and a Minor Adeptus of the Golden Dawn. A longtime friend of Hans Holzer, they made many journeys into the paranormal and ghost hunting together.

When Lady Sara retired, she became involved in exploring her Native American origins. To this end she became a Shaman in the Native American tradition, and creates magickal artifacts much sought after by galleries and museums. During this process, she sold her cherished perfume and incense formulas to Morwyn, who now carries on her tradition and is the only sanctioned seller of Lady Sara’s products. Because catalog space is limited, we list only some of the formulas. If you do not see your favorites, please inquire, and we will personally blend your request.

Prices: priced the same as the Caroline Dow Products Line. Available as incense, perfume, or massage oil.

 Lady Sara Blends

Adoration, , Aphrodisia, Bacchus, Beneficial Dream, Blessing, Byzantium,  Cerridwen, Circe, Déjà vu, Desire, Deva, Divination, Drive & Bind,  Golden Aura,  Hera, Hermes, India Bouquet, Inner Guide, Lobo,  Magnet (Attraction) Money Draw, Moon Flower, Moon Magick,  Nirvana,  Oracle,  Pan,  Psychon, Sappho,  Satyrion,  Star of the Sea,  Strega, Summer Smoke (perfume only), Turquoise,  Twilight,  Vecchia, Voodoo, White Goddess,  White Heron, Wild Flower, Wild Moor, Winter Mist.

 Lady Sara Egyptian Blends

Ab-Ra, Anubis, Bast,  Cleopatra, Egyptian Ritual, Heka (Magick), Het-Hara (Love),  Hetep (Success),  Horus, Isis, Khensu, Khyphi,  Maat, Maa-Isa,  Matit (love),  Men-Thu (Meditation),  Meni (enlightenment),  Memnon (prophecy), Merh (anointing). Merhu (happiness),  Meri-Isa (priestess of Isis), Nile Secret,  Nefertiti (magnetism),  Osiris, Papyrus,  Sekhmet (psychic self-defense),  Sem (blessing),  Shen-Tet (health),  Shen-Ur (circle of light),  Thoth (magick & communication).

 Lady Sara Celtic Blends
Cerridwen, Druilanach (Druidic Holy Oil ‚Äď her best formula, in my opinion). Gypsy Love, Highlander, Irish Ivy, Sidhe (fairy magic),
Lady Sara Ceremonial Magick Blends

Abramelin, Ceremonial Magick Enochian, Equinox,  Fire of Azrael,  Golden Dawn, Kundalini, Initiation, Magus, Qabala, Sanctum Regnum, Tetragrammaton, White Light Astral


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Caroline Dow Books and Dunraven House LLC are owned and managed by Caroline Dow, also known as Morwyn. She is the author of several books on herbs, teas, food & drink, spiritual  decoration, incense, aromatherapy, Brazilian folk religions, Wicca and Magick. Through her business she makes available all of her books, the incense and oil formulas described in her books as well as her handcrafted, organic beeswax tapers. She prepares each recipe is prepared personally with love according to the proper moon phase. She is also the only officially designated manufacturer and distributor of the renowned Lady Sara incense and oils.  Our company has been in business since 1979 providing high quality products to the metaphysical community at reasonable prices. We hope you will be delighted.


For our customers who can’t visit our physical store in Boulder we offer a sampler plan. You may order by mail up to 6 samples of incenses or sample oils from any of our lines. Samples are priced at 50 cents each. ¬†Please include a SASE with 2 first class stamps on it for your samples. HAPPY SCENTING!

Blessed Be!    Caroline (Morwyn), Otter, Amos, Miranda, and Klonnie.

As all is in accordance with the Divine Plan, we can make no claims for our products and sell them as curios only. Prices are subject to change without notice.  If, for any reason, you find an item unsatisfactory, return unused within 30 days and receive credit for the merchandise price.

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