With all that’s going on in our nation, this week’s quotes remind us how to unite us with kindness and love.
“So many gods, so many creeds,so many paths that wind and wind. While just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs.” Ella Wheeler Wilcox, poet.


Ending week on humor to unite us all

by Caroline on November 9, 2018

Humor unites us all, so I’ve chosen to end the week on a funny note. (Photo is of me taking tea at Brown’s in London)
“American-style iced tea is the perfect drink for a hot, sunny day. It’s never really caught on in the UK, probably because the last time we had a hot, sunny day was back in 1957.” Tom Holt, novelist.


The Art of Listening

by Caroline on November 8, 2018

I won’t post a quote every day, but there are a few such appropriate ones I’d like to post now. Here’s a favorite by Spanish writer & philosopher Miguel de Unamuno.

“Men shout to avoid listening to each other.”

In my What’s Your Potion? book, this quote was to accompany my “Keep a Secret Tea.” The publisher, to cut down on number of pages, left it out.


New Leaf

by Caroline on November 7, 2018

Hello All!

I’ve decided that after these elections, we all need to pull back and pull together for the good of all. To that end, I’m launching a new feature on my posts. I’ll be sharing quotes to cheer, energize, and at the same time help relax the tension many of us have been feeling, including me. As I can’t choose a new quote each day for all of the media I engage in, the daily offerings will repeat on my website www.carolinedowbooks.com, Facebook’s Morwyn Dunraven, Facebook’s Caroline Dow, and on Twitter’s Original Morwyn. I hope you enjoy them.

Today I start with a quotation by Clive Barker from Weave-World that I find appropriate to the midterm elections, no matter which side you are on. “She had that brand of pragmatism that would find her the first brewing tea after Armageddon.”

Valentine’s Day Tea


Stop the Presses!

by Caroline on October 29, 2018

I’ve got great news! My latest book, A SANCTUARY OF YOUR OWN has been accepted for publication by Llewellyn Worldwide. Stay tuned for more details.


Quote for Friendship Smoothie

by Caroline on April 4, 2017

If you’ve been following me you’ll know that I’m sharing quotes that got left out of the WHAT’S YOUR POTION? book. This cookbook was very well produced; there just wasn’t room for all of the research I put into it, and you guys who have read my books know I do a lot of research. So  in the friendships and happy home chapter I include a recipe for a “Friendship Smoothie.” The quote that should have gone with it is by Richard Bach, American author. The photos are of my various cats, etc. Bach says: “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” I especially think of you, Ron and also Sara when I read that quote.


Courage to Clean Up

by Caroline on March 29, 2017

The next chapter in my POTIONS book is called Home Sweet Home and has potions for friendship and a happy home life. One recipe is called “Courage to Clean Up Juice,” which theoretically you whip up and drink before tackling the mess in your home. I don’t have a photo with this, but am including a photo of my hot tub and pony barn on a lazy summer evening. I also have a wonderful quote that again got left out of the book. So while you’re contemplating spring cleaning, contemplate this by Anne Gibbons, American cartoonist and illustrator:

“Nature abhors a vacuum and so do I!”


Dunraven House Etsy Site

by Caroline on March 27, 2017

Happy Monday Morning, Everyone!

The major reason I haven’t been posting very often is that I’ve been working on my Dunraven House Etsy site, which is up and running at last. I’ve put in some of my perfumes, massage oils, loose incenses, and books. Also adding vintage books, antique beaded purses, collectible t shirts, silver plate and many other items. I’m adding new stuff every day. So please check it out. Eventually everything will come over to the carolinedowbooks WordPress site, but I have to get the Etsy site fleshed out first. Quotes from the potions book will continue here later this week. I leav you with a photo of one of the Paris Street Scehes by Jan Koraths that I’m selling because it is so cheery looking.  Au revoir!


Crosspatch Prevention Tea

by Caroline on March 23, 2017

In the POTIONS book chapter on Beauty and Self-Improvement, I include a recipe for “Crosspatch Prevention Tea.” Cleaning up after the fire, I’ve made myself more than one cup of it. In the book the following quotation by my favorite author Charles Dickens was left out. Here it is for you:

“Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks.”  Yea, Chuck!



by Caroline on March 22, 2017

You haven’t heard from me in a few days because we came very close to losing our home from a fire set by transients’ campfire a few blocks away. I awoke around 1:15 and smelled smoke. Looking out the window I saw flames leaping above the trees apparently 2 blocks away. Actually as the crow flies it was around 8 blocks away. Hard to tell in the middle of the night. Fire crews could do nothing until morning because of the darkness and steep terrain. I spent the rest of the night monitoring the flames leaping and subsiding, and then leaping again and morphing into 2 fires. At 6 AM we got the emergency call to pre-evacuate; that is, pack and be ready to go.

The smoke was terrible–worse than any London fog. I couldn’t see anything. By 7, the planes were dousing the fire  and fire crews on the ground. Three days later now, it’s just mopping up. I have an eye infection, red eyes and a lot of ash to clean up. But my cough is going away and the house and everyone in it is safe. This one was too close for comfort.