Dunraven House Etsy Site

by Caroline on March 27, 2017

Happy Monday Morning, Everyone!

The major reason I haven’t been posting very often is that I’ve been working on my Dunraven House Etsy site, which is up and running at last. I’ve put in some of my perfumes, massage oils, loose incenses, and books. Also adding vintage books, antique beaded purses, collectible t shirts, silver plate and many other items. I’m adding new stuff every day. So please check it out. Eventually everything will come over to the carolinedowbooks WordPress site, but I have to get the Etsy site fleshed out first. Quotes from the potions book will continue here later this week. I leav you with a photo of one of the Paris Street Scehes by Jan Koraths that I’m selling because it is so cheery looking.  Au revoir!


Crosspatch Prevention Tea

by Caroline on March 23, 2017

In the POTIONS book chapter on Beauty and Self-Improvement, I include a recipe for “Crosspatch Prevention Tea.” Cleaning up after the fire, I’ve made myself more than one cup of it. In the book the following quotation by my favorite author Charles Dickens was left out. Here it is for you:

“Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks.”  Yea, Chuck!



by Caroline on March 22, 2017

You haven’t heard from me in a few days because we came very close to losing our home from a fire set by transients’ campfire a few blocks away. I awoke around 1:15 and smelled smoke. Looking out the window I saw flames leaping above the trees apparently 2 blocks away. Actually as the crow flies it was around 8 blocks away. Hard to tell in the middle of the night. Fire crews could do nothing until morning because of the darkness and steep terrain. I spent the rest of the night monitoring the flames leaping and subsiding, and then leaping again and morphing into 2 fires. At 6 AM we got the emergency call to pre-evacuate; that is, pack and be ready to go.

The smoke was terrible–worse than any London fog. I couldn’t see anything. By 7, the planes were dousing the fire  and fire crews on the ground. Three days later now, it’s just mopping up. I have an eye infection, red eyes and a lot of ash to clean up. But my cough is going away and the house and everyone in it is safe. This one was too close for comfort.


Tea Leaf Reading for Estee Lauder

by Caroline on March 13, 2017

Hi All, For once I’m not posting a quote from the POTIONS book.  I’ve exciting news. Estee Lauder contacted me to do tea leaf reading for a product from their Origins natural cosmetics line that they are soon rolling out. The main ingredient is white tea (diminishes wrinkles), and so, they thought it would be fun to have someone reading tea leaves. The first place I’m going is to Colorado Springs. This is April 28-29. I’ll keep you updated about the venue as soon as I get more info. If you’re in the area then and are so inclined, you could stop by for a reading. I may be taking this farther afield with EL to other states. Photo is of 3 perfume vials I’m selling on Etsy.


Beauty and Popularity

by Caroline on March 8, 2017

In my chapter from WHAT’S YOUR POTION? in beauty and self-improvement, I include a juice to encourage popularity for shy folks. But I include a quote that never made it into the book as a reminder. It is by Kevyn Aucoin (1962-2002), make-u[ artist and photographer who knew what he was talking about. He said: “Beauty has a lot to do with character.” Photo is of Big Boy, a magnificent elk who hung around our neighborhood for years until an off-duty cop shot him for a trophy (and photographed his kill)  as he was peacefully munching on some crabapples in a neighbor’s yard. Big Boy, to me, represents the height of the beauty of nature.


Maya Apricot-Avocado Beauty Potion

by Caroline on February 28, 2017

In my chapter on Beauty & Self-Improvement in WHAT’S YOUR POTION?, along with my Maya Apricot-Avocado Beauty Potion, which can be applied to the face, or with the addition of milk, be blended into a smoothie to drink, I originally had a quote by poet Ogden Nash, which somehow was left out of the book. Here it is: “I dreamt that my hair was kempt. Then I dreamt that my true love unkempt it.”


Inspiration for Beauty & Self-Improvement

by Caroline on February 24, 2017

As I move through my WHAT’S YOUR POTION? book, the next chapter, titled “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall” deals with potions for beauty and self-improvement. Since some of us attend to this sort of thing over the weekend, I thought I’d try to inspire you with a quote from this chapter by a most beautiful lady, American poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886). On this topic, she says, “Beauty is not caused. It is.” Enjoy your weekend!


Final Career and Goals Potion Quote

by Caroline on February 19, 2017

Before I move on from my chapter in WHAT’S YOUR POTION? on career and goals, I’d like to leave you with this final quote. It’s in the chapter, but I like it enough, I want to repeat it. The quote is by Marilyn Monroe. “A career is wonderful,but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.” The accompanying photo is of my hot cocoa tea.


Your Dream Job

by Caroline on February 13, 2017

In my chapter from WHAT’S YOUR POTION? I include a smoothie recipe to help you find and obtain your dream job. The quote is missing from the recipe and this recipe should appear on page 95, not on page 96. Anyway, I think the words make a great way to start off the work week. I don’t have a photo of this potion, but I’ve included one of one of my cats when she was a kitten. Why a picture of a cat? Because they seem to know exactly what they want and how to get it! Here’s the quote:

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

-Katharine Whitehorn (b. 1928), British journalist and columnist.


White Grape Determination Potion

by Caroline on February 3, 2017

In my chapter on Potions for Career and Goals, I give the recipe for a White Grape Juice to bolster your determination to achieve your goal. Unfortunately, the accompanying quotation was left out of the final text. Whether you are searching for the right employment, wanting to finish writing that memoir, or anxious to do something in the socio-political arena, this potion, along with the quotation, may be of some assistance. It is by Tommy Lasorda, major league baseball player and manager. He says, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” The accompanying photo is of “my nun,” Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. I have been trying to get my mystery novel where she is the sleuth who solves crimes from the cloister published for 3 years. I am determined to make this happen this year.