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As you probably already have read, I traveled to Rio de Janeiro as a Fulbright Fellow. What you probably don’t know is that I was researching my dissertation topic that had to do with a nineteenth-century Brazilian military book. A far cry from Brazilian magic and folk religions. While I was there, I realized that if a person really wanted to get to know Brazilians and understand the country, you had to know about these folk religions. For a while I lived in a household of macumbeiros, people who followed the Macumba tradition. I attended many rituals and events, and eventually was allowed to participate as if I were an initiate because I was a priestess of Wicca back home. Following are the books I have translated or written about Brazilian magic. The last book, Pomba-Gira Spell Book, is finished, but is still in search of a publisher. Keep checking back on this site to find out when it will be released.

Saravá! Afro-Brazilian Magick

Name: C. L. Dow
Book Title: Saravá! Afro-Brazilian Magick
ISBN: 1-56718-235-6
Price: $14.95 Sale Price if ordered from me:  $5 plus $3 postage (domestic)
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Available also in Portuguese from Espelho Mágico (ISBN:  972-33-1389-8) and in Spanish from Integral (ISBN:  9-788479-014230) and in Russian.

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“It is a welcome addition to the literature on this powerful religious phenomenon that encompasses the Brazilian soul.” – Migene González-Wippler

“…a beautiful piece of scholarly study with great human interest…A whole new range of flavors and delights to almost hear the rhythms as you read. The at-one-ment in the book is a special gift from the keyboard of Dr. Carol Dow.” – Harvey Mucklin, The Water Garden Network

“A must-read for anyone interested in African-inspired traditions.” – Elizabeth Barrette, Hypatia’s Hoard

“…a wonderful overview (with) sound instructions for those who wish to explore this wild, passionate approach to religion. Highly recommended.”Craft/Crafts

“This book is a powerful illustration of the interconnection between peoples in the web of life as well as a thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.” – Janet K. Dugan, New Moon Rising

Description: Almost 200 million people are believers in a religion that is little known in this country.  Now for the first time in the English language, here is an insider’s look at these popular sects of the Brazilian mystery religions.  SARAVÁ delves into the spiritual roots of these sects and shows how the deeply-felt magickal beliefs affect all aspects of people’s lives.  It also explains how these venerable neo-African practices are linked to the Great Western Mystery Tradition.

While researching in Brazil on a Fulbright-Hayes Dissertational Research Grant, Morwyn studied the religions of Macumba, Umbanda, Candomblé, Xangô, Spiritism, and other traditions.  She attended ceremonies as an honorary initiate, interviewed heads of sects, took photos, recorded music, and collected artifacts.  Illustrated.

Pomba-Gira: How to Invoke the Formidable Powers of the Female Messenger of the Gods

Name: Caroline Dow, translator
Book Title: Pomba-Gira:  How to Invoke the Formidable Powers of the Female Messenger of the Gods
ISBN: none
Publisher: Technicians of the Sacred

“Excellent!  A mystical blend of academic research and personal experiences. A must-read for anyone interested in the Afro-Brazilian religious and magical experience.” – Courtney Willis, Technicians of the Sacred

Description: This book plumbs the secrets of the Brazilian folk religions of Macumba and Umbanda.  Morwyn has translated this key work from the Portuguese about the most controversial entity in the Brazilian pantheon—Exu, and his female counterpart, Pomba-Gira.  Secret rites, difficult to obtain in Portuguese and never before divulged in English, are now available through Morwyn’s translation.  An extensive introduction and footnotes explain the material for those not familiar with the tenets and jargon surrounding these sects.  This is a one-of-a kind book.

This book is currently undergoing reprinting. Check to find when the second edition will be available.

Forthcoming!  The Pomba-Gira Spell Book. Morwyn has spent several years channeling directly from the Pomba-Gira information about meditations, spells, rituals and recipes designed to contact and work with the scintillating vibratory line of this special entity.  The author has kept an assiduous record of each channeling session, and now offers the information she has received (with the Pomba-Gira’s permission, of course) to the general public.  Keep checking this website for release date.

I will sign each volume you purchase and include an incense sample of one of the orixás when you order from me .

Magic from Brazil: Recipes, Spells and Rituals

Name: Morwyn
Book Title: Magic from Brazil:  Recipes, Spells and Rituals
ISBN: 0-7387-0044-4
Price: $14.95  On Sale if you purchase from me for $5.00 plus $3 postage domesstic
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

“Exceptional!” – Lex Ticonderoga, Public News Service

“For too long the image of such beliefs in the West has been sensationalized and it is good that more positive views of their worth are now being presented to the world.”The Cauldron

Description: Welcome to the world of Brazilian Magick!  If you are intrigued by channeling, color magic, the magic of sound (especially drumming), nature religions, naturopathic healing, and even psychotherapy, this book will enhance your understanding and appreciation of these areas.

Learn valuable practices to incorporate into your own life and spiritual orientation.  Call the powers of the deities of the Brazilian pantheon.  Practice Brazilian-style meditations, spell work, rituals, trance, and mediumship. Experience the energies of tropical botanicals that are used in Magick and healing.  Sample Brazilian cuisine—the food of the gods.

This book is a repackaging of the earlier Saravá volume.  Although similar, it includes expanded information and is geared toward those who practice Wiccan, Celtic, Druidic, Dianic, Norse, Strega, and Ceremonial traditions.

The Pomba-Gira Spell Book

The Pomba-Gira Spell Book

Forthcoming! I have has spent several years channeling directly from the Pomba-Gira information about meditations, spells, rituals and recipes designed to contact and work with the scintillating vibratory line of this special entity. I’ve kept an assiduous record of each channeling session, and now offer the information I have received (with the Pomba-Gira’s permission, of course) to the general public.  I am still searching for a publisher for this book. Keep checking this website for release date.

Description: In Brazilian folk religions, Pomba-Gira is the entity who governs love, passion, beauty, desire, and sex. This entity covers every aspect of femininity from Maiden to Mother and Crone. In THE POMBA-GIRA SPELL BOOK, an original sequel to Pomba-Gira:  Female Messenger of the Gods (my translation), I reveal spells, rituals and meditations to help readers achieve their heart’s desire and understand the nature of true love.

Among other workings, you will learn to:

  • Enhance inner and outer beauty;
  • Attract the perfect soul mate;
  • Unmask jealousy and deceit;
  • Keep a mate from wandering;
  • Defeat rivals;
  • Exude irresistible sex appeal;
  • Regain lost youth;
  • Conquer personal bad habits.

The entire work is the result of my study, research and personal experiences with popular religion sects in Brazil. Research is based on primary sources written in Portuguese, a language which most English-speaking readers do not have available. The work is one of the very few on the subject published in English, most previous works having been published by the author.

Because I am able to span both the Brazilian and American spiritual worlds, I hope to inform English-speaking readers in easily comprehensible terms. Unlike many books and articles on the subject that offer an academic perspective, this book is written in a friendly, straightforward manner that is easy to understand. The Terms at Your Fingertips section provides a quick reference glossary of Portuguese terms.

The Portuguese pronunciation guide is valuable for those who have not yet mastered this difficult-to-pronounce language. An updated bibliography of complementary titles and Internet resources is useful to the reader who wishes to expand knowledge of the subject. The appended essays on popular religions in Brazil and the entity Exu serves as a useful introduction for readers who wish to understand more about the complexities of various Brazilian spiritual paths.