In the spirit of the season, I am launching a new contest to win a free copy of TEA LEAF READING FOR BEGINNERS. Currently I am writing a new book called WHAT’S YOUR POTION? LIQUID REFRESHMENTS TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFE. For this book, I am writing new chapters on tea and one also on coffee. So I am looking for ideas on what to include. The coffee chapter more or less I have already given you  in my recent blog entries. What I need from you are your comments on what you’d like to read about for both chapters. If I take your suggestion, research it, and write something about it in the chapter, you will win a free copy of the tea book. If I use more than one of your suggestions, you will receive multiple copies.

To enter, comment with your suggestion(s) on the NEW CONTEST blog post from today, November 5. The contest ends on the Winter Solstice. December 20. Don’t forget to include your email so I can contact you if you are a winner.

Thank you so much for helping out, and good luck!

To launch my book TEA LEAF READING FOR BEGINNERS:  YOUR FORTUNE IN A TEACUP I have created a series of monthly contests with prizes. Following are directions for the first one:

August through Labor Day contest:  Please go to my blog to comment on this month’s contest. The bests and most logical reading based on the images in the saucer will win a free tea leaf reading book.

Our March contest went very well and a book prize was rewarded. Thanks to everyone for your fabulous entries.

Our second contest to win a free book runs from  from April 1, 2011 to April, 2011. Here is a photo of a cup from an inquirer who wanted to know whether she would ever earn her college degree.  From what you can decipher in the patterns formed by the leaves, what would you tell her? What would you say about other aspects of her life? There are no right or wrong answers. But judging from the leaf patterns and the theme,  at the end of the month, I and a team of associates will review all the entries, and choose the one we find to be most appropriate to receive a free signed copy of the book. Either write your answer to me in a personal e-mail to and write April Contest in the subject line, or comment on the photo which appears in my blog as well as here. Remember to include your e-mail address with your entry. If you are the winner, I will contact you by e-mail to get your information for sending you your book. Happy tea leaf reading!

Ready for contest #3? This contest runs between May 12 and June 26, so you have lots of time to prepare. Good thing, too, because this one is a bit of a challenge.  Go on my blog and read the post for my recipe for Ochazuke Soup. Make up the soup and see if you can divine a reading from the bits of rice and green tea leaves left in the bottom of the bowl. Comment on the blog by sending me a photo of the soup bowl and describing what you see. If you’re shy about commenting, you can always send me an email at The best soup-tea bowl reading will receive a free copy of my tea leaf reading book. Remember to include your e-mail address with your entry so I can write you back if you have won. Happy slurpping!

Contest for July, 2011. If you can identify these rock stars of the tea and tea leaf reading world, you will win a free TEA LEAF READING FOR BEGINNERS book. Please comment on the ROCK STARS OF THE TEA WORLD post on my blog. Remember to include your email so I can inform you if you are a winner. The rock stars include:Lu Yu, Catherine of Braganza, Anna, Countess of Bedford, Earl Charles Grey and Mo Siegel. Best of luck to you!