Dunraven House Etsy Site

by Caroline on March 27, 2017

Happy Monday Morning, Everyone!

The major reason I haven’t been posting very often is that I’ve been working on my Dunraven House Etsy site, which is up and running at last. I’ve put in some of my perfumes, massage oils, loose incenses, and books. Also adding vintage books, antique beaded purses, collectible t shirts, silver plate and many other items. I’m adding new stuff every day. So please check it out. Eventually everything will come over to the carolinedowbooks WordPress site, but I have to get the Etsy site fleshed out first. Quotes from the potions book will continue here later this week. I leav you with a photo of one of the Paris Street Scehes by Jan Koraths that I’m selling because it is so cheery looking.  Au revoir!

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